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Our Chartered Building Surveyors offer services in connection with commercial and residential property dealing with a wide range of matters including alteration, refurbishment and repair. Curchod & Co have a highly skilled team of professionals able to undertake bespoke projects with a complete range of services to suit the project's complexity and requirements.

Party Wall etc. Act 1996

Our Chartered Building Surveyors are well versed with the procedures of the Party Wall etc Act 1996. We are frequently appointed as the Building Owner's Surveyor, Adjoining Owner's Surveyor, or as an Agreed Surveyor. As Party Wall Surveyors we work with all property owners and other professionals involved with construction processes.

The Act affects owners, and their neighbours. It covers works to walls or structures separating buildings (including alteration, repair, raising, cutting into party walls perhaps for a new beams or removal of chimney breasts), building a new boundary wall, or excavations close to a neighbour's building (three and six metre rules apply). It applies to houses, flats, shops, offices and industrial units.


The Act provides a framework to minimise and resolve the differences that can arise between building and adjoining owners. It is important to seek early advice to avoid
costly delays to a project.  The Act enables, rather than frustrates, building work, subject to safeguarding the rights of those depending on shared or nearby structures.

Our role as Party Wall Surveyors can involve:

  • Review of proposals and advise on the application of the Party Wall etc Act 1996.
  • Prepare, serve and receive Notices on behalf of owners.Assess the risks to party walls and impact to neighbouring structures from the proposals, and where possible seek methods to limit these.
  • Prepare or negotiate Party Wall Awards (Agreements) to confirm the permitted works, method by which they can be carried out and minimise disturbance to the neighbour.
  • Record a Condition Schedule for the neighbouring property.Inspect during the works, if required, to assess compliance with any Award or address problems that may have arisen.
  • Re-inspect at the end of a project to confirm there has been no damage to the neighbour's property. 

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