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Our Chartered Building Surveyors offer services in connection with commercial and residential property dealing with a wide range of matters including alteration, refurbishment and repair. Curchod & Co have a highly skilled team of professionals able to undertake bespoke projects with a complete range of services to suit the project's complexity and requirements.

Defect Analysis

Undertaking a Defect Report will enable us to provide you with:

  • A detailed diagnostic inspection to identify the extent of an issue.
  • Recommendations for repair or other action.

Defect Reports are inspections and reports on a specific construction problem such as damp, structural movement or roofing etc. It is best to contact Curchod & Co immediately when you have any concerns about your property's condition.

This service provides expert advice and investigation on:

  • A specific concern.
  • Identifying the extent of the problem and remedies available.
  • Recommendations for repair and reinstatements, which we can oversee.

Contact us now for further advice or information on our property construction and building surveying services.

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